Highlights at a glance

  • Create a complex Windows password
  • Configure a chip card or transponder in seconds
  • Log on and off quickly and easily
  • Greatest possible protection by two-factor authentication
  • High added value for timeCard users:
  • Opening of the entrance door (access control)
  • Arrival/departure bookings/time recording)
  • Login at the workplace

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Secure Logon 2

Article no.: 2749410100


Greatest possible protection of your PCs against access by unauthorized persons

Whether in the office or at home, data security has the highest priority today. It is all the more important that you prevent third parties from gaining unauthorized access to your PC. Previously, this was made possible by a locked screen that is unlocked again with the personal Windows password. But these usually easy-to-remember passwords can be cracked by hackers in just a few seconds.

The new Secure Logon 2 solution from REINER SCT now offers even more security. Proof of identity is made possible by the two independent components of smart card and PIN. Try it, you'll be impressed!

And here’s how it work´s

All you need is a REINER SCT Secure Logon smart card, an RFID smart card reader and the Secure Logon 2 software.


  • Creating a complex Windows password: First, save a complex password in Windows that not is not easy to remember and hence conforms to the security requirements. Why? Hackers can crack easy-to-remember passwords in a few seconds.
  • Configure a chip card in seconds: Save your Windows login details, i.e. user name and password, on your chip card. Then secure it with a 6- to 8-digit individual PIN that you can easily remember. Connect your smart card reader to your PC and preferably leave it there.
  • Log on and off quickly and easily: When you log on to the PC, insert your smart card in the smart card reader and enter your PIN. And you're done! That is all you need to log on. To log off, simply remove your chip card from the reader.
  • Greatest possible protection: Whoever wants to access your PC requires the chip card and your PIN. Without these two components, the PC remains locked. This means that your PC is secured by the currently highest level of protection. 

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 RFID chip card
  • 1 license for the Secure Logon 2 software

Download the 64-bit version

Download the 32-bit version

Technical data

System requirements


  • Windows 10 (32-/64-bit) / 8.x (32-/64-bit) / 7 (32-/64-bit)
  • Internet connection is necessary only once for activation

Certificates and awards

Award buit 1016 sehr gut
Award pcgo 1116 sehr gut
Award pcm 1216 sehr gut

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