Highlights at a glance

  • High-resolution, high-contrast alphanumeric LC display
  • Suitable for CRT and LCD/TFT monitors
  • Wide scanning angle and large positioning tolerance
  • Suitable for smartphones and tablets
  • Display of the TAN and, optionally, the ATC (number of already generated TANs)
  • Cash card: Display of the current balance, the last 3 loading and the last 15 payment transactions
  • Clip for covering the keyboard
  • Multibank-capable: Use of the TAN generator also possible with cards and accounts of other banking institutions


tanJack® optic CX

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This high-quality TAN generator allows you to use the optical TAN procedure for transfers, tried and tested millions of times in Germany. Your transaction data is transferred automatically via an interface to the TAN generator and shown on the display. As soon as you have checked and confirmed the data, the device generates a TAN. You only need to enter this in the online banking form. And you're done!

Perfect protection against hackers

The optical TAN procedure makes it impossible for hackers to manipulate account numbers or transfer amounts unnoticed. Due to the data transfer to your external, standalone TAN generator, you can immediately detect any irregularities and intervene in a timely manner. And what's more: Due to the unbreakable link between the individual transactions and the TANs generated on the TAN generator, the TANs cannot be misused by unauthorized persons for further transfers.

Simple handling. Maximum flexibility

When it comes to ergonomics, functional capability and value, tanJack® optic CX fulfills all requirements of banking institutes and users. The large LC display can be read at a wide angle. The high-quality TAN generator also automatically detects the monitor type of your PC. And best of all: It can also be used with smartphones and tablets so that you can carry out your transactions with maximum flexibility.


Technical data
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 84 x 66 x 14mm
  • Display of TAN and ATC
  • Display of the current cash card balance, the last 3 loading and the last 15 payment transactions
  • Display with 12 alphanumeric characters/2 lines
  • High-quality precision contacts for gentle chip contacting
  • Many years of use due to energy saving technology (approx. 5 years)
  • Replaceable lithium batteries (2x CR 2025, simple replacement due to the battery compartment on the back)
  • CE- and ISO-compliant

Certificates and awards

Award business 10 2014 sehr gut
Award pcgo1214 sehrgut

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