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  • Limited Edition in Pink - nur so lange Vorrat reicht!
  • TAN-Generator für Sm@rt-TAN photo und chipTAN QR
  • Sehr schnelle Erkennung des Farbmatrix- und QR-Codes
  • Ausgezeichnetes Design
  • Testurteile „Sehr gut“
  • Hochwertige Tastatur
  • Kontrastreiches, beleuchtetes Farbdisplay
  • Wichtige Daten werden extra hervorgehoben
  • Am Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook oder Desktop nutzbar
  • Bis zu 5 Jahre Laufzeit mit einem Batteriesatz
  • Sicherheit aus Deutschland

Geeignet für:


  • Für Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken sowie Sparkassen

Nur solange der Vorrat reicht!


tanJack® photo QR Pink

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Like a hybrid vehicle, the tanJack® photo QR supports two systems in one device which is why it is often called “the hybrid reader”.

The tanJack® photo QR can be used for Sm@rtTAN photo and chipTAN QR in convenient online banking.

In online banking a colour matrix code is displayed with Sm@rtTAN photo and a QR code with chipTAN QR which is photographed with the TAN generator. After checking the transaction data, a TAN is then generated. Both methods are very safe and proven for many years.

The high-quality keypad, the lightning-fast detection of the code and the harmonious design are distinctive features of this new TAN generator.

This TAN generator incorporates the same high quality and longevity that one is used to from REINER SCT.

Thanks to the use of three conventional AAA batteries and the very energy efficient electronics, the device has a life expectancy of up to 5 years with one battery set.

Technical data

Category and function

  • Smart card reader category: Mobile TAN generator according to Secoder / chipTAN QR / colour matrix code specification of the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (DK)
  • Supported interfaces in the TAN process:


  • QR code according to DK chipTAN QR / HHDQR
  • Colour matrix code according to DK HHDFM
  • Manual process according to chipTAN
  • Supported card types: Cards with contact chip according to ISO / IEC 7816
  • Menu functions: Reader (identification); setting (including battery status), user PIN, money card


Smart card interfaces

  • Supported smart cards: SECCOS bank cards of the DK as of version 6.x with TAN application
  • Smart card protocols: T01
  • Contact unit: 8 gold-plated precision contacts – ISO positioning

Keypad, camera and display

  • Numeric keys / function keys / special keys 10/3/2 rubber-coated keys
  • Camera: CMOS colour camera with OmniPixel3-HSTM technology, aperture angle: 57°
  • Operating display: by TFT colour display
  • Display: 1.77 inch TFT colour display 128 x 160 pixels
  • Display cut-out: 36 x 29 mm

Hardware properties

  • Power supply: 3 x alkaline-manganese batteries, size AAA / IEC LR03, replaceable
  • Card insertion: from above
  • Housing dimensions (L x W x H) approx.: 102 x 62.5 x 19 mm
  • Weight of single device (without packing / with packing): 92 g/102 g
  • Conformity: WEEE-Reg.-No. DE89738751
Supported banks

Which institutes / banks support the tanJack® photo QR (hybrid reader) from REINER SCT?

  • Sparkassen  
  • BW-Bank  
  • DKB  
  • Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken  
  • Viele sonstige genossenschaftliche Banken  
  • GLS-Bank

With our REINER SCT QR-Code Plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome the tanJack® photo QR can be used for the following institutes in Browser banking:

  • Sparkassen, which have not yet activated the chipTAN QR 
  • Sparda-Banken  
  • Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank  
  • Postbank - transactions only. Initialisations or activations with ATC are not possible for the Postbank at the moment because the Postbank does not yet support the newer chipTAN standards.
  • paydirekt  

The following banks do not (yet) support the tanJack® photo QR unfortunately:

  • Commerzbank
  • comdirect bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Hypovereinsbank
  • Volkswagenbank
  • ING-DiBa
  • 1822 direkt
  • norisbank
  • Various private banks (ask directly if necessary)
Short video

Certificates and awards

Further information:

Product operating manual

Customer votes

I am impressed by this device - fantastic! I am 79 years old and had a lot of problems with the old code generator. Tiny dot matrix letters and free-hand handling of the device with the flicker code to enter the TAN. Your device is a great help especially for elderly people. Easy to handle, automatic photographing of the displayed QR code and, above all, the clear and large display (extremely easy to read). Your device is a big help for me. Such a top-class device and not expensive. Just super! Perhaps more detailed operating instructions would be useful. But where could you put them in your handy package? I have downloaded them according to your instructions - thank you!

Kindest regards Hans-Dieter Arnold.

Hans-Dieter Arnold ,
pensioner, 79664 Wehr / Baden

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