The highlights at a glance

  • Browser-based
  • Free timeCard App for Android and iOS
  • As many definable access logics as you like
  • Door opener for remote opening
  • Extensive ID card management including immediate
  • cancellation of lost keys
  • Extensive logging possibilities
  • Documentation of all access attempts
  • Extendible with the timeCard 10 time recording

Competent on-site support for an access control system that depends on the optimal interaction of software and hardware is essential. We therefore offer the solution through our nationwide partner network. We would be happy to send you an individual offer from a partner in your area. Simply fill out the request form.

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timeCard 10 access control
annual license
for 25 employees

Article no.: 2749601482


With the timeCard 10 access control you can ensure, around the clock, that only authorised persons gain access to certain area or buildings. This effectively protects your property against unauthorised access. And if an electronic key gets lost, you can bar it with a single click in the system. timeCard access control ensures maximum security in your company.

Easy handling

  • Configurable by smart phone, tablet and PC
  • Possibility of testing access logics
  • Preview of allowed accesses per person or entrance
  • ID card management for locking lost keys

Individual design of access logics

  • Access logics according to the formula “who, when and where”
  • Person or department-specific configuration (who)
  • Definition of authorisations (when)
  • Definition entrances and entrance groups (where)
  • Consideration of statutory holiday rules

Monitoring of all accesses

  • Every access attempt is recorded
  • Definition of alarm times
  • Configuration of alarms

timeCard 10 App

Mobile time recording and access control mean maximum efficiency and flexibility. Because, with these, work times can be recorded and accesses monitored at anytime from anywhere.

timeCard 10 access control is prepared for combination with timeCard 10 time recording

Technical data

Server installation

  • Hard disk: at least 12 GB
  • RAM: at least 8 GB
  • Processor: at least Quad Core
  • Internet connection


System requirements

Supported operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Server Version 2016 (no Essential) (64 Bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server Version 2019 (no Essential) (64 Bit)
  • Microsoft Windows ab Version 10 (no Home) (64 Bit) (Not suitable for commercial use due to Microsoft licence conditions /
  • only for test/demo purposes)
  • Microsoft SQL-Server Express Version 2017 (Standard installation, Express version is included in delivery)
  • Microsoft SQL-Server Standard ab Version 2017 oder neuer (SQL-Server standard is not part of the timeCard software)

Functioning browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari


Activation of the licences

  • Release of port: 443
  • Release of URL:


timeCard Terminal 3

  • Release of port: 8001, 8443


timeCard App from timeCard Version 10.03

  • Android smart phone as of Version 6.0
  • iOS iPhone as of Version 13.0
  • Internet connection


*Please note: The technical data specified here are the minimum requirements for your hardware. Since timeCard 10 is a server application, the requirements for your hardware could rise with increasing use

Certificates and awards

Neue timeCard Lizenzbedingungen - gültig ab Version 22.04.00 (PDF)

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