The highlights at a glance:

  • Easy installation
  • Convenient wiring
  • Fast RFID-detection
  • IP 54 protection class
  • Coloured and acoustic signalling
  • No additional power supply required
  • Updatable

timeCard external RFID-reader V3
for access control

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The external RFID reader V3 for the timeCard access control is an RFID wall reader for timeCard ID cards or timeCard transponders. It can be installed on indoor wall surfaces or in protected outdoor areas.
Its two-part housing design allows quick and easy installation. The integrated snap-in terminal strip in the rear case also ensures convenient connection.
To assemble, the front case with the electronics is simply snapped onto the pre-wired rear case and fixed with two stainless-steel screws. A special injected sealing compound seals the front and rear case.
Thanks to the innovative circuit design, the transponder or RFID card is detected and read out very quickly and reliably.
The respective security level is signalled visually by a four-coloured background lighting and acoustically by a buzzer.

The external RFID reader V3 can be connected to the following terminals:

  • timeCard Terminal 3
  • timeCard accessbox
  • timeCard Multiterminal RFID (DES) - since 01/06/2020 EOL!
Technical data

Category, compatibility & interfaces

  • Device category: RFID wall reader for timeCard access control
  • Supported cards / transponders: timeCard ID card or transponder based on MifareDESFire EV1 and EV2 (13,56 MHz)
  • Supported terminals:
    • timeCard Terminal 3
    • timeCard accessbox
    • timeCard Multiterminal RFID (DES)
  • Interface: RS422 with timeCard protocol
  • Power supply: by timeCard Terminal
  • Updatable: by timeCard Terminal 3

Order data / service / accessories

  • Scope of supply: timeCard external RFID reader V3, quick guide, right-angled Allen key 2 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Support: Free and proven online support under and chargeable telephone support ab +49 (900) 1001-368*


* 1.50 EUR / per minute or part thereof from the German fixed network. Mobile phone prices may vary.

System requirements

System requirements: timeCard

  • timeCard installation
  • Licensing timeCard access control
  • Licensing persons / employees
  • Installed timeCard Terminal / accessbox

Weiterführende Informationen

Bedienungs- und Montageanleitung (PDF).

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