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  • Perfect categorization and evaluation
  • Overview and control
  • More comprehensive asset status
  • Safe and dependable
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Cross-platform

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Subsembly Banking is your personal financial management and online banking central office at the same time. Manage all your bank accounts and your PayPal account with just one app. Keep a watchful eye on a bank-wide financial overview. The banking standards HBCI, FinTS, EBICS and consistent 256-bit AES encryption guarantee security.

The program manages a recipient database for you, takes care of your open invoices and organizes your regular payments. Account transactions are stored for an unlimited time period and are also available offline for searches and evaluations. Displayed bookings can be sorted, filtered, and printed according to amount, recipient, time period, categories, and much more. Just try that with the Internet banking of your bank.

Subsembly Banking offers multibank-capable online banking based on the HBCI, HBCI+ and FinTS banking protocols which are considered especially secure. The new Smart TAN, Chip TAN and Mobile TAN procedures are supported along with traditional TAN procedures. What's more, the RSA-based HBCI security procedure RDH with a key length of up to 2,048-bit is supported as well as all current HBCI chip cards. The new EBICS banking protocol has also been implemented in the new EBICS module especially for business customers. EBICS distributed electronic signatures (Verteilte Elektronische Unterschrift, VEU) will also be supported by the Subsembly PayCheck add-on.

Subsembly Banking can be installed on a USB stick so you will always have your online banking with you wherever you go. The strong 256-bit AES encryption of Subsembly Banking ensures the confidentiality of your financial data even if the USB stick gets lost. Simply insert the USB stick into any suitable guest PC and start Subsembly Banking directly from the thumb drive without any installation. No data is stored or traces left behind on the guest PC when using the program either.

Technical data

System requirements

Subsembly Banking for Windows PCs runs on all computers with the Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. .NET Framework 2.0 is also needed under Windows XP – it is usually preinstalled. Alternatively, .NET Framework 2.0 can be conveniently obtained via the Windows Update integrated in the operating system.

Subsembly Banking also runs perfectly on netbooks with Windows 7 Starter Edition.

Subsembly Banking for USB sticks can be installed on all USB sticks with at least 6MB of free memory. Moreover, the PortableApps infrastructure is fully supported.

A PC/SC-compatible smart card reader is required for using smart cards. For secure PIN entry of class 2 or class 3 smart card readers, the driver of the smart card reader must support at least version 2.0.1 of the PC/SC standard. Smart card readers based on the Secoder and Secoder 2 standards are of course supported.


Overview of the most important functions of Subsembly Banking for Windows PCs

  • Management of giro accounts, money market accounts, savings accounts, securities accounts, credit cards, time deposits, currency accounts, PayPal, offline accounts, cash balance
  • Online banking with balance retrieval, turnover retrieval, transfer, forward order, standing order, direct debit, SEPA payment, international transfer (DTAZV) and more.
  • Retrieval of real electronic account statements.
  • Data is encrypted in 256 Bit AES at all times in the data safe. Access to the data safe is password-protected.
  • Any number of separate data safes each with their own password.
  • Cross-account text search for banking transactions, payments and standing orders.
  • Import/export of bank accounts, payments, and transactions as CSV, SUPA, DTAUS, DTAZV, MT-940, SEPA and more.
  • Automatic categorization and identification of expected payments and unexpected bookings.
  • Optional EBICS module for commercial payment transactions can be activated.
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