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One of the most secure and most used variants of online banking in Germany is the optical TAN procedure, also called chipTAN comfort or sm@rtTAN plus/optic. A standalone TAN generator with an optical interface and animated graphics, also called a bar graphic, is used for data transfer. This procedure has been proven a million times over.

Now even easier, but still with the same security and the same procedure as the well-known optical TAN generator? Yes! The security of this function is part of the Secoder procedure that has been used in the German banking industry for many years. The Secoder contains the TAN generator add-on for this. A Secoder smart card reader and a tried and tested TAN generator functionally combine to become a next generation Secoder smart card reader in the cyberJack go plus.


Technical data

This is how it works

During online banking, the tanJack easy software accesses the bar graphic directly in the computer and sends the transaction data to be displayed and confirmed via USB cable to the connected smart card reader. There, data such as recipient account and amount, are displayed on the standalone display of the reader. After the visual check by the user, the user confirms the data with the OK key on the reader. A TAN is then generated in the bank or savings bank card that only matches these transaction data and can be used for this transaction only. After another confirmation, the TAN is automatically sent to the computer, where the TAN can be copied into the TAN field of your online banking application. The bothersome typing-in of the TAN is no longer necessary.


Further products

cyberJack® wave


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  • Mobile banking via notebook, smartphone, tablet PC
  • Meets the highest security standards of Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft

cyberJack® one


VAT included plus shipping costs

  • Smart card reader of security class 3
  • SECODER function
  • TAN generator

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